Best Books For Inmates To Read

Watch To Learn The Key Qualities Of The Best Books For Inmates To Read, Featuring Doing Time With God  Which Shows How Inmates Are Experiencing More Freedom In Prison Through Restorative Justice

Doing Time With God is not a book that attempts to motivate inmates; instead, it is written in a way that touches them at a deep level that creates inner changes in feelings, perspective, and understanding, thereby leading to different ways of acting that is productive and makes a positive contribution to the world.

The stories in Doing Time With God enable inmates to see themselves in the stories of healing and positive change, and this is key to the self help process. When readers experience the stories mentally, emotionally, and spiritually... they finish the book in a different place than they were in, before they started reading. That is why Doing Time With God is one of the best books for inmates to read.

Rave Reviews For Doing Time With God

"I bought this for a friend who is currently incarcerated and he just informed TODAY that his cell mate read it within 2 days and told him (my friend) that it was one of the BEST BOOKS he'd read in a LONG TIME."

- Amazon Customer

"This challenges us in remembering God's awesome power in finding the lost, healing the sick, and turning people's lives around. Read this compelling book and be inspired by what is being done to transform lives and restore people to productive places in society."

- Lynn Huntley, Former Civil Rights Attorney, US Dept. of Justice 

 "A beautiful testimony of how our shared-life in God is renewed through story. It shows the reconciling power of God's love in our openness and vulnerability - the way to Peace. If you want to see who we are created to be for one another, read this book. It is a wake-up call." "

Sr. Helen Prejean

Here Are More Great Books That Fit The Category Of Good Books For Inmates To Read

2. Declutter Your Mind
This book gives guidelines on how to stop worrying, relieve anxiety, and eliminate negative thinking. De-cluttering of a persons mind is important because it gives you the freedom to be happy and find humor in things that would not previously amuse you.

3. Getting Out and Staying Out: A Black Man’s Guide To Success After Prison
This is a guideline for African American men, since they amount to almost 98% of the incarcerated people, to learn how to be most productive when in prison, what to expect when released, and understand entrepreneurship and self-employment among other things.

4. Inmate To Inmate: Real Life Stories Testimony Book 

This is an evangelistic book whose purpose is to strengthen the faith of inmates. This book is laced with Bible verses that help give the testimonies of people and encourage others to building their spiritual lives and strengthening their connection with God.

5. Hells Angel: The Life And Times Of Sonny Barger And The Hells Angels’ Motorcycle Club.

This book recounts the life of Sonny and his involvement with the motorcycle club and how they have become the beacon of freedom seekers in the world. These people who were in the motorcycle club were viewed as being criminals but came out as very important people in advocating for freedom and peace.

6. Shaken: Discovering Your True Identity In The Midst Of Life’s Storms.

This is a spiritual inspirational book that gives readers hope and motivation to create positive outcomes from bad situations. This book helps a person view themselves as not victims of circumstances but rather as survivors who will pull through the hard times.

7. The Power of Positive Energy

Positive outlook on life and phases in life is important because it dictates a person’s energy and attitude towards various issues and experiences in their lives. This book highlight the importance’s and benefits of a positive attitude towards life and situations.

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Here Are A Few More Highly Recommended

Best Books For Inmates To Read

8. Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories From Behind Bars
This is a unique cookbook that takes readers with more than 65 ramen recipes and stories of prison life from the inmates/cooks who devise them. With much time on their hands they are able to come up with the various and tasty ramen recipes that can be used at home and in restaurants.

9. 90 Day Challenge: Devotions Designed For Inmates
This is a book that is comprised of 90 devotions each with a verse and an explanation of its applicability to daily activities. These verses are meant to give hope for a better future to the inmates despite their present circumstances.

10. Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Breaking Free and Staying Free 
The culture of alcohol and substance abuse is wide spread in the world and many people have become addicts. This is a mini-book that gives you a solid and clear overview of the causes and signs of drug abuse and gives you the next steps to take.

Below Is More Info On Doing Time With God  - One Of The Best Inspirational Books For Someone In Jail

1. Doing Time With God - Bill Dyer
This book is written from the author's experience as a victim of violence and sharing his story with inmates as part of a restorative justice conversation. Dyer learned many life lessons about overcoming challenging change and adversity, and the process of healing and how important it is for experiencing inner freedom during difficult times. Doing Time With God is one of the best books for inmates to read because it shows how other inmates are healing and making positive changes in their lives and in the world.

Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Books For Inmates To Read Because It Opens The Mind, Touches The Heart, And Renews The Soul 

While reading this book, you may experience these things happening in yourself. Discussion questions and an afterword by the author invite you to reflect on your own journey, discover new meaning, and expand this movement of Peace in your life.  

Best Books For Inmates To Read

Doing Time With God is one of the best self help books for inmates because it contains stories that show other inmates opening themselves up for healing and serving others in the process. This is one of the best books for inmates to read because this is not only a path for healing, but also one for lasting change and reaching one's highest potential. When readers see the good in themselves and the positive difference they can make in the world by simply sharing their stories with openness and honesty, this is inspiring and motivating because there is no denying that the same possibilities exist in themselves.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

See Why Others Say Doing Time With God Is Also One Of The Great Inspirational Books For Someone In Jail

"...there are so many beautiful stories of redemption, of breaking stereotypes and of compassion in the the most unlikely people."


"I read this with some scepticism at the beginning, but I can say that it truly opened my eyes to a new perspective regarding people who have committed crimes."
Mike G.


"When my dad was murdered 5 years ago, I felt a lot of emotions. Emotions I still deal with but seeing it from an inmate's perspective and understanding their wrongs and seeing them reach a common goal with us through God's love is the most amazing emotion I could ever experience.  "
Katie W.

Murder Victim Family Member

"It’s a well written book telling compelling stories of healing; victims feel heard, offenders find hope of becoming valued members of society and the reader is moved in unexpected ways.  "
Scott H.

Amazon Customer

"I am currently supporting friends who have been recent victims of violent crimes, and the stories this book contains have contributed to my understanding of the perpetrators and made me think a bit differently about them and their futures."
Hayden B.

Murder Victim Family Friend

Doing Time With God Is One Of The Best Books For Inmates To Read Because It Shows The Way To Freedom In The Midst Of Prison